Clean Your Ride For Less Than $30 With This Top-Rated Missile Vac

Looking for an easy way to tidy up your car now that winter is on its way out? Well, we found a fantastic price drop to share with you. Right now, you can purchase a The Missile Vac Car Vacuum Cleaner for only $29.99 at 

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Given the vacuum’s original price tag of $44.97, this is quite a great deal, making it a whopping 35% off. The Missile Vac is one of our favorite car vacuum brands. This price reduction now makes this process easier and more affordable than ever,

The portable cleaning tool is both lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to keep it nearby to keep your car’s floors and upholstery in pristine condition 24/7. It has more than 50 reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating on with users raving about its impressive cleaning power and affordable price point. At 30 bucks, it’s going to be hard to pass this one up.

THE MISSILE VAC Car Vacuum Cleaner

Buy: THE MISSILE VAC  Car Vacuum Cleaner $29.99 (orig. $44.97) 30% OFF

Here are some reasons the The Missile Vac Car Vacuum Cleaner is a no-brainer purchase for anyone with a messy car:

  • The Missile Vac mini vacuum comes with multiple attachments to help you alleviate mess and day-to-day wear and tear from kids, pets, beach and park outings, and beyond.

  • It offers cyclonic force and strong suction and comes with a washable filter that can be cleaned and reused as needed.

  • The Missile Vac can be charged with the included USB cable through your car for convenient operation and charge. 

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    In addition to the vacuum, you’ll receive vacuum, two detailing attachments, a charge cord and a convenient carrying bag that houses it all.